SCOB produces high and very high strength hot-pressed bolts.

The type of SCOB product consists of large diameter screws, very long o very short screws and special screws.

The design capacity, as well as the production cycle, are constantly developed and improved making use of the most advanced new technologies.

For very demanding applications, the design can be done jointly with the customer.
SCOB owns all the competences, skills, expertise, as well as the technological equipment used in all production phases. A key step in production is made using a modern heat treatment, which ensures a total quality control and more rapid deliveries.

              Offices and Factory: Via L.Braille, 27 - Italy - 20851 Lissone - MB - ITALY - Tel. +39 039 462376 - Fax +39 039 465420 -
              Warehouse: Via Cantù, 80/C - Italy - 20851 Lissone - MB - ITALY - Tel. +39 039 2143019
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