Established in 1960, SCOB is an Italian Manufacturer producing fasteners exclusively in Italy. The two operational plants are located 15 km north Milan.

Its production cycle is focused in particular on large-size hot-formed screws and special custom-made parts for high-performance applications.

Over the years the industrial process has been refined and perfected to reach its current high level of specialization: SCOB can boast unmatched experience in the bolts sector.

The main factors which ensure its competitiveness consist in the reliability, quality and flexibility of its products and production cycle.

The type of SCOB product “large diameter screws, very long or very short screws and special screws” identifies a specific market in which the particular characteristics of SCOB -a company able to produce very different sized lots with rapid delivery- are particularly valuable.

SCOB is present on the most important markets both in and outside Europe, where it occupies exclusive niches with selected customers.

SCOB exports 80% of its overall production, which is addressed both to distributors and final users (building industry, engines, shipbuilding, handling machines, cranes, machine tools, petrochemical, gas, offshore, energy industries,...).

SCOB is able to better satisfy customer demand by also offering a wide range of products available from stock.

              Offices and Factory: Via L.Braille, 27 - Italy - 20851 Lissone - MB - ITALY - Tel. +39 039 462376 - Fax +39 039 465420 -
              Warehouse: Via Cantù, 80/C - Italy - 20851 Lissone - MB - ITALY - Tel. +39 039 2143019
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